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Q(1). Why New moon consultancy ?

  • Ans - New Moon consultancy is one of the best job placement consultancy .we are believe in the service and New Moon consultancy always maintain the quality and reputation.
  • Q.(2) How to submit the cv.?

  • Ans - You can submit the cv directly from our website click to job seeker and apply.
  • Q.(3) What is your procedure of placement India?

  • Ans - Our procedure is very simple if you are interested at first see our website completely after that if you are satisfied. you can apply directly from our website through job seeker and submit the cv after that our HR team call you according to the vacancy and give you the detail information.
  • Q.(4) If I am not get any job after the cv submit?

  • Ans -- If you are not getting any job through our consultancy after submission the cv that means either your cv not short listed or we are not able to contact you and we are not getting any satisfactory answer by you or either according to your cv .we don’t have any vacancy at this movement.
  • Q.(5) Which type of vacancy in India?

  • Ans - See our website and click the current job and check it according to your qualification and trade in national box.
  • Q .(6) Do you have any vacancy in Dubai, Singapore or Malaysia?

  • Ans - Check it our website properly and click the current vacancy and go international box.
  • Q.(7) In future any vacancy will come for me?

  • Ans - we can‘t tell you properly because that it is totally depending upon the situation or either you can see as per your requirement in our website see the feature job vacancy box according to your requirement national and international vacancy.
  • Q.(8) Do you have any vacancy for fresher and experience for international and national?

  • Ans - Check it our website and go to current vacancy according to your requirement national and international.
  • Q.(9) Are you providing industrial training or internship?

  • Ans - Yes we are providing the industrial training or internship.
  • Q.(10) How can apply for training?

  • Ans - Submit your cv through our website and click the job seeker and submit your cv after that our HR team will call you and detail you.
  • Q.(11) What is your consultancy fee?

  • Ans -At first submit your cv if you are interested apply the job in our consultancy and after that if your cv is short listed for national or international job download our agreement form attach your recent passport size photo and signature after that sent to our consultancy and after that our HR team detail you.
  • Q.(12) What is the procedure of international job?

  • Ans - At first see the current vacancy in our website in international box if the vacancy are available Click the apply Colum and submit your cv and if your cv short listed send your passport scan copy full size photograph with dress up and one copy passport size photo and all testimonials send through the mail that is ( after that our HR team give your complete information.